There was an unusual break-in today at the Tallinn Museum of Orders of Knighthood. Although the museum is closed to visitors, the perpetrators were able to circumvent all security measures and pass through closed doors! Museum curators were terrified of the unusual visitors, but it soon became clear that they were Pokémon, who ran away from a group of teenagers playing Pokémon Go nearby.

The famous Pikachu and his friends decided to see the new exhibition, which is scheduled to open in May. One of the Pokémon could not be moved from the showcase of the Order of the Bath. Pikachu was mostly interested in crowns.

The dragon-type Pokémon were especially interested in the orders dedicated to their relatives fighting Saint George. The museum has a large collection of these orders, including the Orders of St George from Bavaria, Hannover, Italy, Russia, and England.

The Pokémon spent several hours at the museum and disappeared as swiftly as they arrived. Since some of them were seen wearing badges, curators are now frantically looking through the collection to make sure nothing is missing.

@tallinnmuseum   April 1 2021