Dear friends! We are happy to announce that our audio tour is now available in the Polish language. A big thank you for making this audioguide possible goes to our dear friend Lukasz Gaszewski, specialist in phaleristics, counsellor to the Polish Army Museum and the National Museum in Warsaw, long-time member of the Orders and Medals Society of America (OMSA), author of publications about orders, decorations and medals.

We hope that this will make the visit of all our guests from Poland even more unforgettable and would like to invite everyone to come and get acquainted with the orders of Poland and their history. 

One of the historical items that you can see at our museum is the badge of the order of the White Eagle presented by August the Strong of Poland to Peter the Great of Russia in 1712. Augustus founded the Order of the White Eagle in 1705. However, new research shows that the first orders of the White Eagle could have been bestowed as early as 1702.