About Us

Our museum aims to tell the history of the various Orders of Knighthood through their insignia.

A classic order is a corporation of honourable and meritorious people. The members of such organisations are often called knights and dames. They demonstrate their membership by wearing the insignia of the order, most commonly a badge, which is bestowed upon them when they are accepted into such a corporation.

In our museum we have gathered a unique collection of badges, stars, collars and other decorations – so called insignia – by the means of which we would like to tell you the history of orders. And although the majority of the insignia presented in these rooms belong to royal, religious or military orders of knighthood, you will also be able to see here many State decorations.

All the exhibits at our Museum are originals, meticulously collected through the years by some of the world’s leading private collectors. There are more than 700 unique decorations on display – only a part of the museum’s collection, however, which continues to constantly grow.

Mission Statement

The Museum aims to tell the history of orders of knighthood through their insignia. It serves as a resource for both those who are already familiar with orders and those for whom this subject is new. The ultimate aim is to encourage inquiry and to heighten public understanding and appreciation of our common World History.