Deadline: 20th of April, 2019









To give the students interested in history a chance to show and hone their skills in research and presentation, as well as try the profession of a museum guide, curator.

Essence of the Project

  • During the visit to the museum the student can choose a theme that they would like to study further (the system of orders in one country, a specific order, a person who was a member of the order or founded one, etc.). The theme should be tied to a specific exhibit or exhibits at the museum
  • The student writes and submits to the museum their research in the form of a scientific essay (should include sources, list of materials used etc.)
  • The student can then participate in the Night of Museums as a guide, telling the visitors about the exhibit that they researched
  • The students do not have to participate in the Night of Museums guide programme to be eligible to win the grant or other prizes


  • All qualified participants will receive a letter of participation from the museum
  • The best research essays may be displayed on the museum website,
  • Two students each year (one from each age group) with the best essay will receive a grant from the museum of 50 euro and free entry to the museum for a year.
  • 9 runners up will receive 2 free tickets to the museum
  • The school with the most participants will receive a donation of history books for the sum of 100 euro and 10 free tickets to the museum for the faculty

Letter of participation

50 euro grant

Free entry to the museum

for 1 year


  • Students of all school grades welcome
  • Students can participate through the school or by contacting the museum directly
  • Visit the Tallinn Museum of Orders of Knighthood and choose the exhibit (or a series of similar exhibits) that you are most interested in
  • Write a scientific essay on the subject you have chosen (The system of orders in one country, a specific order, a person who was a member of the order or founded one, etc.) Make sure you include links to sources you used and list of materials used for your research
  • Essay can be written in Estonian, English or Russian.
  • Essays should be submitted to the Museum by the 20th of April, 2019, 23:59 EEST in PDF format to
  • Results will be sent to schools by the 15th of May, 2019
  • Along with the essay, please include your fill out and submit the enclosed front page, which can be downloaded here

For teachers

Download all materials related to the competition here.

We recommend printing the instructions and handing them out to your students before their visit to the museum.