Orders of the First Republic of Slovakia


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Catalogue 4: Orders of the First Republic of Slovakia

by Tom Bergroth, Pavel Marcis

All the items in the exhibition “Orders of the First Republic of Slovakia” were from the Tallinn Museum of Orders of Knighthood. Today, the Museum boasts the most entire collection of orders’ insignia on this subject, with several unique samples to be seen only at the Tallinn Museum. Most of these items are in this catalogue; a detailed description of technical attributes, including alloying materials, can be found in the tables at the end. The interest in Slovak orders comes from the co-founder of the Museum, Slovak national Rudolf Rezníček (1955–2022), who has been instrumental in creating the Museum and forming its collections. The exhibition and joint phaleristic conference with the Slovak Phaleristics Society were held in his memory.

92 pages, softcover, in English


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